Traditional wrestlings: Fijlkam – Fikult cooperation agreement

Sport & Motori

An important synergy, of national and international importance, has been achieved in the sports sector. On October 15th, the president of the “Italian Federation of Judo Olympic Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts” (FIJLKAM), Domenico Falcone and the president of the “Italian Federation of Kurash and Traditional Wrestlings” (FIKULT), Vittorio Giorgi have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of the Traditional Wrestlings in Italy. Practiced for centuries in various regions of the world, the Traditional Wrestlings today have the dimension of international Sports that preserve the values ​​and cultural identity of their peoples, so much so that some of them have been declared by UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. This is why they are promoted around the world by the relevant international federations, with the support of the Sports Ministries of their countries. Recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), the FIJLKAM manages JUDO, OLIMPIC WRESTLING, KARATE and other Martial Arts and is affiliated with the International Judo Federation (IJF), United World Wrestling (UWW), World Karate Federation (WKF) and International Sumo Federation (ISF). The “Italian Federation of Kurash and Traditional Wrestlings”, seated in Caserta, manages KURASH (Uzbekistan), ABA WRESTLING and SHALWAR WRESTLING (Turkey), QAZAQ KURESI (Kazakhstan), CHIDAOBA (Georgia) and various styles of BELT WRESTLING and is officially recognized by the International Kurash Association (IKA), World Aba Wrestling and Traditional Sports Federation, International Belbogli Kurash Federation, International Federation of Kyrgyz Kurosh, International Belt Wrestling Koresh Federation, International Belt Wrestling Association (IBWA), as well as the Georgian National Wrestling Federation and the Association of Almokabasah Wrestling Sport.

For the FIKULT founder and president Vittorio Giorgi, who also holds the position of Honorary Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “This agreement will strengthen the presence and image of Italy on the international stage. On 2021, in addition to the World and European Championships of the various Traditional Wrestlings, will be held in Turkey the “WORLD NOMAD GAMES”, the Olympics of Traditional Sports, organized by the World Ethnosport Confederation, and my federation will be there with the best athletes. Now exist the conditions to organize in Italy the World Championships of our sports”.